Story: As if we already understood its significance, Jude includes this strange verse in his book and keeps moving on. “But when the archangel Michael, contending with the devil, was disputing about the body of Moses...”


    A major thread of the Bible is the running battle between Satan and God. Not a single event on any page lingers without Satan presenting a viable counterfeit. Thus when he learned in the third chapter of Genesis that God was going to eventually unveil a flesh and blood Messiah, Satan concocted a two-pronged plan.

    First, he would surround the emerging nation of Israel with a super race of giants. The long-range plan was to wipe the nation out with these unstoppable soldiers, thereby destroying the Messiah. (Where’s that in the bible, you ask? Genesis 6 says fallen angels called “sons of God” procreated with humans, creating “nephilim” or giant hybrids. This intermingling of human and demon seed was the reason for the Flood. It’s also the reason why Noah and his family were saved, as their seed hadn’t been contaminated.)

    Second, Satan would need millennia to perfect his breeding experiment so the next time his super soldiers were needed, they would more easily fit in with the crowd. Enter Antichrist and his legions in the years leading up to Armageddon.

Sound bizarre? Satan hopes so. Fortunately for him, Augustine, a ~400 AD theologian, couldn’t wrap his brain around Genesis 6 and in one fell swoop dismissed it. He watered it down to mean Hatfield-McCoy squabbles between Seth and Cain. The institutional church thought that explanation would be more palatable to the masses and they’ve never looked back.

    Fast forward to the 20th century when stories started emerging of people being abducted by aliens in UFOs. Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Mack conducted 200 interviews with these abductees. I still have the October 4, 1966 issue of “Look” magazine that excerpted the story of Barney and Betty Hill, whose abduction in my home state of New Hampshire captivated the nation. Only under hypnosis did they recall having been probed with needles while in alien custody. There are thousands of similar stories from around the world usually with the common theme: biopsies of human reproductive organs.

    Back to Moses. Besides Adam, no other human spent so much time in the presence of God. Numbers 12:3 says Moses “was very meek, more than all people who were on the face of the earth.” Obviously this quality earned him a lot of face time with God, something Satan perceived as useful.

    Moses was uniquely attractive for another reason. Since God, as rabbis believe, gave Moses the Torah letter by letter, he would be the only human being exposed to the pure script(ure) running the entire universe, the cosmic DNA fresh off the presses, so to speak, untarnished by human hands.

    Therefore he wanted Moses’ body to begin genetic experiments in earnest. However, having been successfully rebuked by Michael, Satan’s Plan B–anyone other than Moses–has been in operation ever since.

    “Operation Be Like God.” That’s been Satan’s personal goal and the reason he was tossed out of heaven. It’s also the prospect he dangled in front of Adam and Eve in the Garden. Because they grabbed the bait, we humans have been obsessed with immortality and power ever since. There’s been a silent race to see who accomplishes God-status first. Our tools seem to be science and dark intellect. Satan also resorts to genetics and dark intellect.

Background: I’ve always been fascinated by UFOs. As a kid I would buy UFO magazines and pour over the grainy photographs. I clipped articles from newspaper in the 60s and put together a scrapbook. I interviewed my uncle about his 1933 UFO sighting.

    But it wasn’t until I read Chuck Missler’s book “Alien Encounters” that I was able to make the connection between UFOs and evil forces. More recently I came across Doug Hamp’s book “Corrupting the Image” and was delighted by his research and relentless logic.

    I believe I’ve seen two UFOs. The first was back in my high school days and was witnessed by two other kids I was camping with. We were sitting around a campfire when I noticed a bright “orb” half a foot in diameter floating in the trees not more than 10 yards away. The second time was recent and it happened so quickly I could barely process it. I was driving on I-80 when a large white object flew across a gap in the trees a mile up ahead in my line of sight.

Comments: Some people can’t connect the dots between Genesis 6 and the present time. Doug Hamp does a good job of dusting the OT and NT for evidence and finding fingerprints. One key phrase is Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward...”, meaning after the Flood. Another key phrase is Daniel 2:43 “...they will mix with another [comment: by the seed of men], but they will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with clay.”

    Regarding abduction phenomena, I put credence in stories people can’t even remember unless they’re hypnotized. Sure, imaginations can run wild. But how do two people like Barney and Betty Hill coordinate their stories with similar details if they aren’t able to discuss it while awake?

    Do you have a better explanation for Jude 9?

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