Entangled Up in You


Background: Someone told me a friend of theirs had amassed an impressive library on quantum physics. Yet they were reluctant to admit it, let alone discuss the topic with anyone!

    I know how that person feels. I have a dozen books, some which I’ve fumbled through, some I’ve thrown down after the first chapter. I’m fascinated by the subject yet I know I’m basically clueless.                     

     The problem being quantum physics is, first and foremost, mathematical formulas. Since books for the masses studiously avoid math (thank God), how do you put into plain language what a formula means?

Story: Going where angels fear to tread, I’m convinced that quantum physics is God’s last stand. And his first stand. It’s no mystery that God is light. Man, created in His image, was also light at the beginning.

    The Fall was more catastrophic than we can imagine. How can a massless being of light comprehend what it means to become localized, to have weight, to be grounded? Yet that’s precisely what happened. God severed ties by pronouncing curses on the serpent, then Eve, then Adam and finally, the world. All of that is recorded in Genesis 3. The really bad news–changing from a light wave into a grounded particle–wasn’t revealed until much later.

    But God has a sense of humor. We think of God as being “really big.” Who would ever guess he’s also “really small?” In fact, that’s how he’s retained ownership and planted his flag. At the atomic and sub-atomic level where particles appear and disappear, first here and then instantly, a million miles there...like it or not, that’s God’s territory!

    Here’s a list, in no particular order, of some of the weird aspects of quantum physics. I should say, of God’s character.

1Particles making up atoms can either be particles or waves. Particles have weight, waves don’t.

2–Atomic particles can be everywhere at once. This is called non-locality.

3–Particles entangle with each other. This connection, under post-Fall conditions, is tenuous and falls apart (decoheres)as distance increases between the two.

4–Our world is digital, not analog. All changes occur in distinct steps, not sliding from one state to another. The simplest digital representation is a “zero” state (off) and a “one” state (on).

5–Depending on who you prefer, Niels Bohr or Hugh Everett, our thoughts either affect subatomic particles or they don’t. If it’s the latter, parallel universes are created every second.

6–Time is like a bus that speeds up or slows down. It’s all “relative,” as they say, meaning your point of view.

7–The energy contained in purely “empty space” is mind-blowing.

8–Particles confronted with impossibly thick walls can simply tunnel through.

9–Atoms are mostly empty space. Since we’re composed of atoms, what we are is...mostly empty space.

10–What we see around us may be a holographic projection, only a shadow on the wall.

11–There are 4 dimensions (length, width, height and time) in our world. String theory says more than 10 exist.

    Bible pages are dripping with quantum phenomena.

  1. One of the richest manifestations is entanglement. After Moses spent 40 days with God on Mt. Sinai his face was literally glowing. He had to put on a veil so the people wouldn’t be frightened. When Jesus interacted with the Father on the mountaintop, he glowed bright white. Close, intimate fellowship with God causes our atoms to entangle with Him. We get in sync. We radiate. Psalm 34:5 says “Those who look to him are radiant.” Psalm 80’s refrain “let your face shine, that we may be saved” says it all. The dark side of entanglement is when our atoms sync with something worthless. Psalm 135:18 says “those who make them (idols) become like them, so do all who trust in them.” Beware what you entangle with! 2 Peter 2:20 says ”...they are again entangled in them and overcome...”, meaning we can entangle with ungodly forces and become defeated. Entanglement is the “profound mystery” Paul speaks of in Ephesians 5:32 when two become one flesh in marriage. Malachi 2:15 nails this.

  2. When an angry crowd tried to push Jesus off a cliff, he just walked through them and disappeared. In John 8 he was about to be stoned but he “hid himself.” Was this simply Jesus slipping into another dimension? Did he change from particle to wave? Was he quantum tunneling? Very possibly.

  3. Dimensions are another way of saying “firmaments,” a strange term found in Genesis 1. Firmaments divide one thing from something else (eg. “water” above from “water” below). Firmaments are mentioned 9 times in the first chapter, suggesting there are at least 9 dimensions. Its “root” word means to pound dirt as a sign of passion. What else could have caused God to want to rest on the seventh day? Psalm 19 says “the firmament proclaims his handiwork.”

  4. The first words out of Solomon’s mouth, the world’s smartest man, is “All is vapor” in Ecclesiastes 1:2. He knew this world is holographic, not real. What we do see is mostly empty space. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 4:18, “the things that are seen are transient.”

  5. God treats time like a deck of cards, shuffling them back and forth. 2 Kings 20:11 has the sun going backwards. Joshua 10:13 has the sun standing still. Jeremiah 52, regarding events happening earlier in chapter 39, illustrates time’s irrelevance in God’s eyes. “...a thousand years in your sight,” says Psalm 90, “are but as yesterday when it is past.”

  6. John’s assertion in John 21:25 that “the world itself could not contain the books that would be written” about Jesus’ actions suggests parallel universes in play. Psalm 94 says the thoughts of man “are futile,” arguing against any role consciousness might play in collapsing wave functions and affecting particles.

  7. God’s omniscience is his non-locality.

  8. Psalm 104 speaks of God “covering yourself with light as with a garment.” Light is massless waves of photons.

  9. Along with 0s and 1s, the universe is composed of matter and antimatter, light and dark, God and Satan.

Comments: Frank Tipler, a professor of mathematical physics at Tulane University, wrote the book “The Physics of Christianity.” He says the many-worlds or parallel universe “is the only interpretation of quantum mechanics.” He says the other worlds contain analogues of ourselves, whom we are unable to communicate with. According to Tipler, non-locality is due to “ignorance of our analogues in the multiverse, all of whom are experimenting on a coherent quantum state.”

    Physicist Brian Greene, the present spokesman for string theory, spoke at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, a few years ago. At the Q&A afterwards, I challenged him to consider writing a quantum physic textbook for children. He said he was seriously thinking about it. We both agreed it’s a topic everyone should be familiar with, starting as early as possible. Chuck Missler says there are two groups of people who can comprehend higher dimensions–mathematicians and children.

    True prophets–those who are 100% correct–have learned not to impose their sense of time upon God. What they say has to bypass the logical side of their brain. Bible translators walk the same tightrope. They want to present a coherent text while realizing that quantum physics makes no sense whatsoever. Nobel prize winner Richard Feynman said “It is safe to say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”

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